Jönköping University Foundation

Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) is a young dynamic institution. JIBS’ first students were enrolled in 1994 and in the last twenty years JIBS has grown to a comprehensive institution offering Bachelor, Master and Doctoral education.

Undergraduate Programmes

  • International Management, Bachelor programme
  • Marketing Management, Bachelor programme
  • Sustainable Enterprise Development, Bachelor programme
  • International Economics, Bachelor programme
  • New Media Design, Bachelor programme
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Bachelor programme
  • Visual Effects, Higher Education Diploma

Master’s Programmes

  • IT, Management and Innovation
  • International Financial Analysis
  • International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • International Marketing
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Managing in a Global Context
  • Digital Business
  • Engineering Management
  • Economic Analysis
  • Product Development and Materials Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • User Experience Design and IT Architecture
  • Software Product Engineering
  • Production Development and Management
  • Sustainable Building Information Management
  • International Communication
  • Interventions in Childhood
  • EDUCARE The Swedish Preschool Model
  • Occupational Therapy (web-based)