Canada Most Desirable Destinations

Canada is one of the most desirable destinations for immigrants and international students and home to almost all of the world’s ethnic groups! Since 1994, Canada has been ranked in the top ten places to live in the world. Its high standard of living, low mortality rate, excellent education, health system, low crime rate, and beauty are consistently recognized. From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, Canada flaunts some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse geology. There are 42 national parks and more than 2000 designated provincial parks, wilderness areas, ecological and nature reserves across the country. Immigrants are valued and the role they play to ensure the country’s economic and social prosperity is recognized.

As the world’s second largest country, with a land mass that covers five times zones, Canada offers plenty of destinations for travelers with cosmopolitan cities and a rich, interesting French heritage. From the laid back charm of Vancouver to the sophisticated European flair of Montreal and Quebec City. It is a big country with a wide-ranging geography, making it ideal for many sports and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re looking for nice hiking trails, golf courses, or want to increase the thrill factor by heli-skiing.